[Mongrel] Timestamping in log file?

Steve Midgley public at misuse.org
Tue Nov 20 13:06:39 EST 2007


I'm wondering if it's easy to add timestamps to the mongrel log? I am 
having a problem where an externally spawned application by Rails is 
failing. Mongrel kindly logs the error message returned by this 
application when it fails. But it doesn't record a timestamp as to when 
the error occurs, which makes it a little tricky to sync this up to my 
webserver logs to figure out the execution path which is causing the 

Is there an easy way to add timestamping to logs in Mongrel for 
exception traps? I am using a hosting service (EngineYard) so ideally 
this isn't something that requires a code change but can be done via 
configuration. Though I'm sure EY will do what's necessary to make it 
happen, it'll be better if the change is simple/low impact.

Thanks for any advice!


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