[Mongrel] mongrel_cluster on OS X 10.5 Leopard

Eden Li eden at mojiti.com
Sun Nov 18 05:06:43 EST 2007

Can you paste in the error that you're getting when trying to install  
the gem?  Have you been able to install other gems without issue?   
afaik, cluster doesn't do anything special like compiling a C  
extension, so it sounds like your rubygems install is out of whack.

On Nov 18, 2007, at 2:26 PM, Chris Born wrote:

> So, Leopard server has been great, most everything I need is here.
> Thanks to a nice example here:
> http://www.cyberarmy.net/library/article/1722/ I was even able to sort
> out using Mongrel with Apache 2. All works out of the box, except
> mongrel_cluster. The gem just won't install. I could really use some
> guidance here. I did try the darwinports mongrel_cluster install from
> here: http://rb-mongrel_cluster.darwinports.com/ but that went and  
> broke
> everything. That processes failed near the end and broke rails
> completely. I did a clean install of the server OS, and am back to
> having to launch my 3 separate mongrel instances manually. I really  
> want
> these to start at bootup, so I was thinking cluster would be the best
> approach.
> Thanks
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