[Mongrel] ERROR RUNNING 'cluster::configure': Plugin /cluster::configure does not exist in category /commands

Peter Harkins ph+mongrel-users at malaprop.org
Fri Nov 9 12:27:26 EST 2007

I'm following the mongrel_cluster setup instructions and am unable to
create a config file:

$ mongrel_rails cluster::configure
ERROR RUNNING 'cluster::configure': Plugin /cluster::configure does not exist in category /commands
Use help command to get help

Every web page I could find that mentioned this error was folks who
didn't install mongrel_cluster or had several versions installed. I

$ gem list mongrel_cluster
*** LOCAL GEMS ***

mongrel_cluster (1.0.4)
    Mongrel plugin that provides commands and Capistrano tasks for
    managing multiple Mongrel processes.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling it without luck, and I have no
idea what else to try. Any suggestions?

Peter Harkins  -  http://push.cx  -  http://NearbyGamers.com

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