[Mongrel] mongrel - monit issue

Eire Angel chrisangileri at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 7 16:29:36 EST 2007

"Maybe there is some db issue with a _really_ long timeout like 1209600?"

that was my thought.  i set it mine to 115200, 32 hours
more than enough but not too crazy

Kirk Haines <wyhaines at gmail.com> wrote: On 11/7/07, Pete DeLaurentis 

> Thanks for this Kirk.  Yep, I was using 14400.  I'm switching this to
> 2 weeks: 1209600 and we'll see if any further restarts are needed by
> monit.

I've always wondered why 14400 is the number that is always passed
around when talking about extending the timeout period.  Maybe there
is some db issue with a _really_ long timeout like 1209600?

> Which 64-bit OS are you running?

Right now I have Ubuntu and CentOS 64 bit machines.

Kirk Haines
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