[Mongrel] can't configure mongrel_cluster to start on boot

Tiberiu Motoc tiberiu.motoc at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 15:13:24 EST 2007

Hi David,

Thanks for all your help. It now makes sense how it all works. Unfortunately
for me it doesn't work and I don't think it is because of mongrel_cluster.

After you mentioned that I should have a symbolic link to
mongrel_cluster_ctl in /usr/bin, I realized that maybe the whole Ruby
environment is not available at boot time. I installed Ruby in a shared
location, but there are not symbolic links in /usr/bin to any of the Ruby

To test this, I created a small Ruby script which write "TEST" to a file in
/tmp; I call this script from a bash script which I put in the /etc/init.d
directory and which I configured using /sbin/chkconfig (similar to the setup
of mongrel_cluster). Guess what?! No file is created in the /tmp directory
at boot time.

So now my question becomes: what is the proper way of installing Ruby on a
Linux machine? I did create a symbolic link to "ruby" in /usr/bin, but I
don't think that's enough. What other symbolic links do I need?

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