[Mongrel] mongrel - monit issue

Pete DeLaurentis pete at nextengine.com
Wed Nov 7 14:31:39 EST 2007

Hi Chris,

I hit this too at the same kind of timeframe you mentioned.  In my  
case, the mongrel processes do become non-responsive, making monit  
necessary to keep my webapp living + breathing.  The problem occurs  
on multiple machines: some running OpenSuse 64-bit and some running  
Ubuntu Feisty Fawn 64-bit.

Some folks had suggested this is related to not using the mysql gem  
for database access.  This may be the case, but the mysql gem wasn't  
a possibility for me since it is very buggy in 64-bit (it crashed my  
webapps).  There is a also an ActiveRecord timeout that is usually  
prescribed, but this had no effect for me.

I wonder... how many 64-bit mongrel users are out there?


On Nov 7, 2007, at 11:15 AM, Eire Angel wrote:

> Hi,
> was wondering if anyone else had a similar problem and knows why or  
> a solution.
> basically my mongrels seems to work fine.  i am running three  
> clusters all which are monitored by monit.  monit has the ability  
> to restart a mongrel if it doesn't pass a port connection test.  so  
> the problem is that after some time.  aprox.  6hrs. to 20hrs. after  
> clusters are started,  the mongrels get restarted by monit due to  
> monit not being able to connect to said port.   not all of them at  
> the same time.  just some of them, sometimes.  the server is pre- 
> production and is getting no hits.  could this be the problem and  
> when the server is live, with constant use the mongrels will remain  
> working.  or could this be a monit issue ?
> any help would be truly appreciated..
> Chris
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