[Mongrel] Server timeouts

Wayne E. Seguin wayneeseguin at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 13:26:20 EST 2007

On 11/7/07, Pete DeLaurentis <pete at nextengine.com> wrote:
> Thanks Wayne.  After some further investigation, my suspicion is on the
> Lighttpd web-server.
> When I run in development mode with Mongrel using web-brick the timeouts
> don't happen at all.  This indicates it's not a mongrel or rails / ORM
> issue.
> It makes sense that web-servers would have some timeouts for long running
> requests.  Now I just have to find the switch where I can tweak them.
> Thanks,
> Pete


I am glad you are making progress. We would appreciate if you let us know
what the issue is and how it was resolved once you figure it out so that we
can better assist people in the future :)

Thank you!

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