[Mongrel] Meta-question: anonymity makes me cranky

David Vrensk david at vrensk.com
Wed Nov 7 10:14:29 EST 2007

Fellow mongrelians,

forgive a slightly off-topic rant; my hope is that it can lead to a better

In the past few months, I have seen an increase in "anonymous" questions on
this list, "anonymous" in the sense that the sender names do not resemble
real human names, and also in the sense that the messages have not been
signed.  Just today, we have seen "Geek Moth <geekmoth at gmail>" and "gmail <
neongrau at gmail>", neither of whom signed their questions.[1]  In the past
months, there have been many more.

Of course, each individual may have good reason not to disclose his or her
name and affiliation, but they don't say so.  And frankly, I'm not terribly
inclined to help someone who doesn't introduce himself and doesn't greet me
or say goodbye at the end of his message.  In fact, unless you all tell me
that I'm a sour old git, I will not answer anonymous pleas for help in the
future.[2]  It might be that my reaction is more anti-social than their lack
of manners (as I perceive it), but at least I'm not making people cranky by
shutting up.

My ceasing to answer anonymous questions won't lead to a huge dip in the
traffic on this list, of course, but perhaps others have already reacted in
the same way, and we are missing a lot of good traffic already.  What do you

Best regards,


[1] I don't feel that I'm pointing fingers here, because I can't see whom I
am pointing at.
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