[Mongrel] deploy ruby on rails application by mongrel

魏广彬 weigbin at 163.com
Mon Nov 5 01:12:34 EST 2007

1.download ruby-one click for windows from www.ruby-lang.org, set up.
2.run command:
  gem install rails --include-dependencies (success)
3.set up mongrel: 
  gem install win32-service(pick the most recent one)
  gem install mongrel (pick the win32 pre-built) 
  gem install mongrel_service 

  all of the above were successful.

  then i creat an empty folder "d:\myapp",run the command: 
  mongrel_rails service::install -N myapp -c d:\myapp -p 4000 -e production 

  the rusult:the path you specified isn't a valid Rails application 

  so what's the matter?

  i am a student in Nanjing Agricultural University,I am learning ruby and ruby on rails,but there are few books and other materials for me.so can you help me?
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