[Mongrel] Server timeouts

Dave Cheney dave at cheney.net
Fri Nov 2 21:11:22 EDT 2007

Hi Pete,

	If you suspect queries are your pain point then I would do the  
following to get a sense of what you app is doing under the hood.

	Get a copy of http://hackmysql.com/mysqlreport and use it against  
your db. It can assist in tweaking innodb or myisam table configs.

	Turn on slow query logging, add the lines

	log_slow_queries=/usr/local/mysql/data/mysql-slow.log (adjust path as  

	To your /etc/my.cnf and restart the db. This will log any query that  
takes longer than 1 second to run (will only spot the really heinous  
ones, in a busy web app a 1 second query is game over). This also logs  
queries which do not use and index, hence scale badly as your tables  

	Recent versions of linux have an excellent vmstat and iostat, have  
them running in a wind during busy times of the day and see how your  
db machine handles it. Is it really out of CPU, or does your dataset  
not fit in memory and you pulling huge blobs of data off the disk  
because of poorly specified queries, or worse spending it rashly by  
creating many temporary tables.

	I have found that time spent optimising db queries, and rethinking  
the datamodel to be more sql efficient pays off in the long run vs  
throwing hardware at the problem.



On 03/11/2007, at 5:38 AM, Pete DeLaurentis wrote:

> Yeah, all the foreign keys are indexed.  I'm also caching what I can
> in our ruby app's memory.
> It seems to be the database writes that are taking up a lot of the
> time.  The other offender are some multiple JOINs we're doing.
> I've ordered more processors for the database server, and am clearing
> off a second machine so I can get a little MySQL cluster going.  Any
> advice on this is welcome since I've never scaled a database server
> before.
> As the database gets faster, it will help reduce the timeouts.  But
> demand + server load has a way of sneaking up on you.  I'm looking
> for a way of making sure our server is less likely to timeout on
> users when we run into system bottlenecks (now + in the future).
> Thanks,
> Pete
> On Nov 2, 2007, at 11:29 AM, barsalou wrote:
>> Pete,
>> What about the DB is the bottleneck?  I'm assuming you have already
>> looked at indexing and the like.
>> Mike B.
>> Quoting Pete DeLaurentis <pete at nextengine.com>:
>>> Hi guys,
>>> Does anyone know if mongrel has a built-in timeout for requests that
>>> take too long?  If so, how do you increase it?
>>> I've found that some server requests are timing out.  Complicated
>>> requests are already being farmed out to asynchronous processes.   
>>> But
>>> some of the more basic requests are timing out when we have our peak
>>> server load in the mornings (the bottleneck is the database server).
>>> There are a couple possible locations for the timeout I'm seeing:
>>> 1. Mongrel
>>> 2. Lighttpd
>>> 3. Client browser / application
>>> On my local development server, it does not timeout, leading me to
>>> believe it's not #3.
>>> Any feedback is appreciated.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Pete
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