[Mongrel] No return status from mongrel upload progress (and thus no updates on the bar)

Craig Box craig at itpartners.co.nz
Sun May 27 20:04:12 EDT 2007

Hi again,

I've summarised methods to get upload progress in a Rails application:

My original problem went away - I'm not 100% sure how or why, but it
seems that it may have been cleared up by a combination of not running
the app or DRb server as root (which seems odd), or running 'gem

However, I'm now stuck with the problem that I'm using Apache 2.2 as my
load balancer, and I assume it buffers the upload before passing it to
Mongrel: I don't get anything in the Uploads.list, so again, no
progress.  Works fine if I connect directly to the Mongrel it's

My options here seem to be "find a way to break Apache's upload
performance", or "run a Mongrel instance on a different port, and
instruct the app to connect to this to do its uploads".  The second
method seems widely advocated here, but I've not seen any suggestions on
how to actually do this.  Is it as "simple" as hard-coding the location
(urgh!) in the view?   If I run a cluster of Mongrels for the listener
and one for the uploads, will that be suitable?  Or does anyone know the
incantation for Apache to allow me to do what I want?  The site isn't
high traffic, so I doubt it will be a huge performance hit.

Thanks in advance,

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