[Mongrel] Logging Exceptions

Manuel Holtgrewe purestorm at ggnore.net
Thu May 24 16:00:41 EDT 2007


I am using Mongrel with my own XmlRpcHandler and I get sporadic "500"  
errors from Mongrel. The handler wraps around the xmlrpc/server  
module and I am pretty sure that the error is mine and neither in  
mongrel or xmlrpc/server.

I catch all exceptions in my xmlrpc/server handler and do not send  
out 500 http answers from there. Thus, I expect the problem is in my  

Now to my question: Is it possible to hook into the place where  
Mongrel itself catches the exceptions so I can log an exception trace  
when this happens?

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Manuel Holtgrewe

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