[Mongrel] No return status from mongrel upload progress (andthus no updates on the bar)

Craig Box craig at itpartners.co.nz
Sat May 19 20:30:40 EDT 2007

> Anyway, are you running the upload.rb mentioned on the site?  I forgot to
> execute that script along with mongrel a couple times and couldn't figure
> out what was wrong.  I also changed all the IPs  serving drb to
> and it worked at that point.  It was hard to gauge the upload
> progress because I only tested it on my local LAN so all uploads were at
> 100% within a second.  However, it seemed to be working fine.

Yes, I am running all the right things, as far as I can tell.. a friend ran it on his machine and it all seemed to work for him.  There must be something subtle I'm missing.  Changing to didn't change anything.  (As an aside, if it matters, I'm starting mongrel on port 3000, and tunneling it to my web browser via SSH.)

I've just read through the thread at http://rubyforge.org/pipermail/mongrel-users/2007-February/003028.html - another similar problem.  Ultimately, a flash upload plugin would be the correct answer, but that will take a bit more time to implement (can anyone point me at a guide?) and the upload progress is the only part of the puzzle missing for me in the current version of the code.

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