[Mongrel] mongrel_cluster does not create /var/run/mongrel_cluster

Sean Brown seanmichaelbrown at gmail.com
Tue May 8 17:28:26 EDT 2007

On 5/8/07, Ehud Rosenberg <ehudros at gmail.com> wrote:
> in the following post it says the init.rb script from mongrel_cluster
> should create the var/run directory itself, but it does not seem to do
> so ( I get the message:
> !!! Path to log file not valid: log/mongrel.8001.log
> mongrel::start reported an error. Use mongrel_rails mongrel::start -h
> to get help)

Sounds like a ownership/permissions error.  Make sure that whatever
user you have running mongrel_cluster also has "write" permissions to
the log directory of your Rails app.  If you followed the instructions
on the Mongrel site, that user would be "mongrel".


Sean Brown

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