[Mongrel] Problems with mongrel_cluster on FreeBSD

Thomas Hurst tom at hur.st
Sat May 5 21:39:02 EDT 2007

* Pat Maddox (pergesu at gmail.com) wrote:

(Sorry to the moderator(s), who I keep spamming by sending from the wrong
address.  I've added a folder-hook to prevent it)

> > They've probably been swapped out; -f can bring the full command name
> > back if you're root.
> What do you mean swapped out?

I mean, the pages which contain the command line are not in system
memory, so it's just showing you the command name instead of swapping
them back in, which could get quite expensive on a loaded system with
lots of inactive processes (think: 4k * 1000 processes for something the
user probably doesn't even want).

You can turn it off by rebuilding it without the -DLAZY_PS line, ala:

cd /usr/src/bin/ps && sed -i .orig -e 's/-DLAZY_PS//' Makefile && make clean all install

But obviously this isn't something mongrel should be depending on ;)

Maybe we could use a proper interface to process lists, with backends to
ps(1), procfs(5), kvm(3), Win32, etc.  I have a decent chunk of code for
FreeBSD/kvm(3) right here, though it's not yet 64bit clean.

Thomas 'Freaky' Hurst

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