[Mongrel] Problems with mongrel_cluster on FreeBSD

Thomas Hurst tom at hur.st
Sat May 5 15:15:11 EDT 2007

* Pat Maddox (pergesu at gmail.com) wrote:

> [twist at jack ~/twist/shared/log]$ ps ax | grep ruby
> 88908  ??  S      0:01.96 [ruby18]
> 89029  ??  S      0:01.95 /usr/local/bin/ruby18 /bin/mongrel_rails
> start -d -e production -c
> The [ruby18] processes are all staging mongrels.  Any clue as to why
> they wouldn't show the full command?

They've probably been swapped out; -f can bring the full command name
back if you're root.

Thomas 'Freaky' Hurst

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