[Mongrel] Mongrel Service won't start on windows

Matthew McKnight matt.mcknight at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 16:30:02 EDT 2007

On 3/29/07, Luis Lavena <luislavena at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 3/29/07, Matthew McKnight <matt.mcknight at gmail.com> wrote:
> > 64bit Intel 8 CPU server
> > Windows 2003 Server
> > Service set to run as LocalSystem, doesn't work as user account either
> >
> > The error we see is:
> > "Service failed to start in a timely..."
> > Which I have seen in the past email trails as working
> >
> In the past? under which configuration? Ruby version, same os, which gems?

Ruby is 1.8.5-21


Everything was working fine on ruby 1.8.4, rails 1.1.6 and the old versions
of mongrel and mongrel service. The upgrade process went okay in dev and

> > We upgraded to Mongrel 1.0.1, Mongrel Service 0.3.1
> >
> > It looks like updates to win32-process and win32-service came with the
> gem
> > updates for those. Which versions are good to go with
> > mongrel_service-0.3.1-mswin32?
> >
> Only needed by mongrel_service is win32-service (latest guess is 0.5.2).

Okay, I was persuing the archives and there seemed to be a lot of back and
forth about various versions of that gem. Is there a best version to use? Is
the mswin32 version good?

> First, start a debug session with psexec [1] with lowered privileges
> as current user:
> psexec -l cmd.exe
> In this new console, chdir to c:\rails_app\appname and start mongrel with:
> mongrel_rails start -e production -p 3000
> Check the info it dumps to the screen. If it worked, then is not a LUA
> bug but something else.
> Also will be useful the servicefb.log and mongrel_service.log files
> located in your ruby\bin folder.

I am not getting the mongrel_service.log- maybe it's not getting that far.
It dies extremely quickly.
I'll dump servicegb.log when my sysadmin gets me back on the server.

Thanks so much for the assistance, going to try the advanced debug stuff,
now, will report back.

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