[Mongrel] Mongrel Service won't start on windows

Matthew McKnight matt.mcknight at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 12:31:32 EDT 2007

Forgot to mention it was working swell before upgrade to install of
1.8.5-21 which cleaned out my gems and then gem install of latest
Mongrel/Mongrel Service.

Are these pulling the right win32-service gem?

Would love for there to be a good way to get back....


64bit Intel 8 CPU server
Windows 2003 Server
Service set to run as LocalSystem, doesn't work as user account either

The error we see is:
"Service failed to start in a timely..."
Which I have seen in the past email trails as working

The app works from mongrel_rails start and from  mongrel_service console -N
servicename -p 3000 -c c:\rails_apps\appname -e production

We upgraded to Mongrel 1.0.1, Mongrel Service 0.3.1

It looks like updates to win32-process and win32-service came with the gem
updates for those. Which versions are good to go with mongrel_service-

This is working on our test and development servers, which are both VMWare

I currently have a pack of mongrels running in command line windows under
our sysadmin's user account- any ideas what to do?

-Matt McKnight-

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