[Mongrel] mongrel and vista

kaushik.ghose kaushik.ghose at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 12:05:38 EDT 2007

Thanks for your reply Luis

> Will be very helpful if you provide the logs (servicefb.log and
> mongrel_service.log) both located into ruby\bin directory.

# Logfile created on 28/03/2007 17:54:32

native/process.bas:44, fb.process.spawn:
   Spawn() init

native/process.bas:50, fb.process.spawn:
   Success in AllocConsole()

native/process.bas:105, fb.process.spawn:
   Creating child process with cmdline: ruby.exe C:\Program
Files\ruby\bin\mongrel_rails start -c d:\research\rriki -p 3000 -e

native/process.bas:121, fb.process.spawn:
   Closing handles.

native/process.bas:136, fb.process.spawn:
   wait_code: 0

native/process.bas:147, fb.process.spawn:
   failed, the process terminate earlier.

native/process.bas:156, fb.process.spawn:
   Spawn() done

native/mongrel_service.bas:88, mongrel_service.single_oninit:
   single_onInit() done

native/mongrel_service.bas:93, mongrel_service.single_onstart:

native/mongrel_service.bas:101, mongrel_service.single_onstart:
   child process terminated!, re-spawning a new one

--------------------------------- Continues in this vein, for a few more
tries ------------------

> mongrel_rails start -c "C:\Path\To\My\Application" -p 3000 -e production
That works

> mongrel_service console single -c "C:\Path\To\My\Application" -p 3000
-e production

No errors, but the application isn't available. i.e. webbrowser doesnot
return a page.

I'm running a console with regular (local user) privileges


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