[Mongrel] mongrel, apache 2.0 & s

Rob Sanheim rsanheim at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 23:23:15 EDT 2007

On 3/17/07, Bill Tribley <bill at tribley.org> wrote:
> Apache 2.0 is a real dog, 2.2 is a whole lot better. Is politics or risk the
> reason for no upgrade? If so, you should consider the stability and security
> factors. I would strongly recommend against running Apache 2.0 in production
> when 2.2 is available.

Can you explain this some more?  I know 2.2 has mod_proxy_balancer and
some other new modules that everyone likes, but are you referring to
major improvements to the core codebase improving a lot between 2.0 ->

- Rob

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