[Mongrel] dropping lighty+fastcgi and moving to apache+mongrel in production

Philip Hallstrom rails at philip.pjkh.com
Tue Mar 13 16:18:05 EDT 2007

>> > Since I have 2 app servers (separate boxes), I plan on running 10
>> mongrels
>> > on each.. I am assuming I just simply use:
>> Why 10?  Have you tested that assumption?  We found 4 mongrels to be our
>> sweet spot... http://mongrel.rubyforge.org/docs/how_many_mongrels.html
> Well, Someone else on the team had previously set up 10 so that is what I
> was assuming to go with here. I will read the link you just gave me. Thanks
> you!

Yeah, definitely go through the steps in that URL.  We had been running 20 
FCGI's then went to 8 mongrels I believe then Zed posted those docs and 
when we tested we found 4 to be ideal.  Seems counter intuitive, but there 
ya go :)

> Also, you might consider merging the web/app servers... we found that
>> apache didn't use up that many resources serving static files so each of
>> our servers runs both apache and mongrel.  So you might consider running
>> apache + 4 mongrels on each of the 4 servers...
> I did think of that and suggested it to the CIO. I was wondering why we
> would go 2 and 2 when 4 and 4 gives us the performance and redundancy, I am
> pondering your suggestions whole heartedly. Just a note I have been a *nix
> admin for roughly 8 years but this is my first Rails production environment.
> So I don't have much experience. Your feedback is more than helpful.

I suppose it depends on how hard your apache servers are working.  Ours 
don't work that hard at all so we'd rather rails had access to more 

> Guess I'm assuming your HTTP is behind some other load balancer...
> Interestingly enough we don't. In many of the other networks we did have HW
> for load balancing. This environment is using round robin dns, though this
> is my first encounter with using round robin to handle the load balancing
> needs as well. I am open to any suggestions you may have in regards to the
> direction we should investigate. Right now there are 4 machines but soon
> that may double. So I am thinking of both short-term and long-term needs
> right now. Anything else you have to offer would be appreciated.

Hrm.  I think I would.  The problem with round robin is how long the cycle 
is... if it's too long and you get slashdotted (for example) won't all 
those new users end up on a single web server?

I didn't set it up, but I like the load balancer we've got since it lets 
us disable a backend and we can take it offline and do whatever we want 
with it and bring it back up, etc...

I haven't used it, but a lot of people really seem to like HAproxy as a 
software solution.  Might be worth investigating as well.


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