[Mongrel] Mongrel cluster with one app and many mysql databases

Jens Carroll jens.carroll at carroll.de
Tue Mar 13 09:15:40 EDT 2007

Thanks Alexey,

I got also more and more to the point where it is clearly not a mongrel

Thanks for the answer, but if someone has done that before I would
really appreciate any pointer.


Alexey Verkhovsky schrieb:
>> convince mongrel (or the app) to switch databases on request (maybe
> with the rails routing facilities)
> 10 databases with the same structure but different data? This is doable.
> You'd have to hack it yourself, probably by replacing ActiveRecord::
> Base.connection with something that will internally hold 10 connections
> and switch dynamically.
> None of will have anything to do with Mongrel though. Mongrel is not a
> J2EE container, it has no notion of database connections.
> Alex
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