[Mongrel] Mongrel cluster with one app and many mysql databases

Jens Carroll jens.carroll at carroll.de
Tue Mar 13 07:18:43 EDT 2007

Hi All,

I am new to the mongrel mailing list and I have a question (and I didn't
find any answer in the archives).

I have successfully installed the apache2.2 proxy balancer with mongrel
cluster and that works just fine.

For a single rails app I have started 2 mongrels which consume about
100M (ps says 5.0% for each and I have 1G RAM). It seems a bit much but OK.
However that would imply that I can have only another 6-8 apps before I
need to upgrade RAM on my server.

In fact I only have one appl (e.g. radiant) but I want to serve many of
them with different mysql databases. So I am asking why not fire-up 10
mongrels and convince mongrel (or the app) to switch databases on
request (maybe with the rails routing facilities)

Any ideas or pointers?

The mongrel cluster thingy is really great! I love it! Good job boyz.


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