[Mongrel] Memory leaks in my site

Jens Kraemer kraemer at webit.de
Thu Mar 8 03:53:43 EST 2007


On Wed, Mar 07, 2007 at 08:49:07PM -0800, Carl Lerche wrote:
> I'm going to go ahead and blame acts_as_ferret. I had an application
> that used acts_as_ferret and each mongrel process reached up to 300MB.

Well, as long as it stays at 300 MB after that there doesn't seem to be
a leak :-)

It's right that aaf may take up some RAM, because it holds index
instances open across requests. When using these, data structures that
can be reused between searches are kept in RAM by Ferret (that process
is called 'warming up' the index) and so there really might be some
initial growth in RAM usage of your mongrel processes. How large this 
can get depends on the size of your index, of course.

Just making use of RAM to speed things up is not that bad, imho. Of
course I could open/close the index on each request, but that would be
like doing plain old CGI...

> I removed acts_as_ferret (as well as switched from mysql to
> postgresql) and now the exact same application is staying steady at 70
> MB a process. I also use a lot of RMagick in that same application
> (didn't have time to remove it) but the processes still stay at 70MB.

I have a live app here running on Rails 1.2.1/MySQL with three mongrels 
for weeks without a hickup, each taking up max. 60MB of RAM. And yes, it 
uses acts_as_ferret :-)



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