[Mongrel] Two Mongrel's Two Rails Applications

Kris Leech kris at alternativefocusmedia.com
Wed Mar 7 12:28:31 EST 2007

Hi, I have Mongrel up and running for one application (port 3000), but 
when I start another Mongrel for a second application (port 4000) I can 
access both sites locally (using curl) but not remotly via a browser.

If I stop the first applications Mongrel and start the second the second 
one works. In other words I can only run one application at once...

I have both on different ports, it makes no difference if I run the apps 
in development or production mode or change the port numbers.

Any suggestions would be great!

Rails 1.2.1
Ruby 1.8.5
Mongrel 1.0.1

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