[Mongrel] Memory Leaks with Rails 1.2?

Zed A. Shaw zedshaw at zedshaw.com
Wed Mar 7 14:49:11 EST 2007

I've been getting a bunch of reports about the latest Rails "leaking"
memory more than before.  Please fill out this survey:

1) Have you noticed an increase in memory usage with the latest Rails

2) Have you changed anything else in your application?

   a) No, really, don't be a dumbass like the lusers you hate. Go look
at your svn logs and really figure out if you've changed anything else.

3) I ask again, did you change anything else since as well as Rails 1.2?

4) Does going back to a previous Rails (if you can) get rid of the
memory leak?

5) Have you tried taking a basic controller that renders :text =>
"test" only and run sequential hits against it?

   a) Does the ram increase?

   b) If not, have run this same test against a page that does?

   c) What's the difference between the leaking and non-leaking page?

6) Do you have this problem with FastCGI?

7) Do you have this problem if you add a GC.start call to the end of
your leaking requests, or as an after filter in a strategic location?

Thanks, please keep the response short so I can start looking for

In my tests I'm not finding any leaks so I need more information.
Reproducible processes and sample code will really help a lot.

Zed A. Shaw, MUDCRAP-CE Master Black Belt Sifu
http://www.awprofessional.com/title/0321483502 -- The Mongrel Book

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