[Mongrel] Long URLs - New to Mongrel

Eden Li eden at mojiti.com
Wed Mar 7 09:47:27 EST 2007

Whoa... why don't you include the image in a POST body?

Technically there's no URL limit, but sending images using URL params sounds
like a candidate for one of the blogs that I read...

On 3/7/07, Joe Lester <joe_lester at sweetwater.com> wrote:
> My rails web app (rails 1.2.1) uploads an image from a Java applet by
> encoding it into the URL. This works fine when I'm using Webrick. I'm
> trying out Mongrel today, and I'm getting an error in Safari that
> says "lost network connection" (NSURLErrorDomain:-1005). I get
> something similar in Firefox. Is there a way to make Mongrel accept a
> really long URL like this?
> Thanks. Joe.
> I'm encoding the 512 x 512 jpeg image as Base64. The long URL is
> something like...
> http://localhost/account/upload?image=%2F9j%2F4AAQSkZJRgABAQAAAQABAAD%
> kM2JyggkKFhcYGRolJicoKSo0NTY3ODk6Q0RFRkdISUpTVFVWV1hZWmNkZWZnaGlqc3R1dnd
> 4eXqDhIWGh4iJipKTlJWW......... [much more]
> When the URL is long, the action is not called in rails. But, if I
> remove the image from the URL, then the action is called.
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