[Mongrel] Memory leaks in my site

Ken Wei 2828628 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 05:26:47 EST 2007

>Looks like we are on the same stage of the learning curve about this stuff.
So, let's share our discoveries with >the rest of the world :)

httperf --server --port 3000 --rate 80 --uri /my_test --num-call
> 1 --num-conn 10000
> The memory usage of the mongrel server grows from 20M to 144M in 20
> seconds, it's

>This is exactly what Mongrel does when it cannot cope with the incoming
traffic. I've discovered the same >effect today.

>You are definitely overloading it with 80 requests per second. After all,
it's a single-threaded instance of a fairly >CPU-heavy framework. With no
page caching it should cope with ~10 to 30 requests per second max.

Yes, it's overload with message 'Too many open files...'. Anyway this test
doesn't shoot the heart of this issue. I should make the other one later.
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