[Mongrel] My Mongrel on Linux is not stable

giive chen thegiive at roodo.com
Tue Mar 6 07:32:49 EST 2007

Hello all
My app runs on Gentoo Linux with 2.6.18-gentoo-r6 and my CPU is
The Mongrel version is 1.0.
I run mongrel cluster with 20 mongrel.

But after I lanuch my app, I found that there will be one rails application
error message in five or six request.
That means most of the request is normal but there will be 1/10 chance app
But after I reload the error page, the status go to normal.
I found that some of the mongrel cluster crash but most of the cluster is
And the reverse proxy has 1/10 chance to redirect to the error mongrel.

After the mongrel cluster restart, everything goes to normal.
But one or two hours later, the status goes the same.

Could anyone give me some hint about what's going wrong?

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