[Mongrel] cluster with environment variables

Luis Lavena luislavena at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 17:41:28 EST 2007

On 3/5/07, Jason Yates <jaywhy at gmail.com> wrote:
> I should have responded earlier to myself.  Just in case others have
> similar problems in the future.
> The problem wasn't mongrel at all.  However, the issue seemed to be
> coming from mongrel, because for whatever reason an error from Rjb
> wasn't getting logged
> The problem was Java was eating up all the available memory.  Because
> each mongrel instance would start its own Java process. The first one
> would steal all the available memory. Then the second couldn't even
> start because no memory was available.  Hence one mongrel instance
> would work the other wouldn't

You should have used BackgrounDrb and some queue/method to communicate
with your mongrel_cluster instead, that way, only one java process
will be running.

> The JRE does this because it checks for available system memory and
> allocates a portion of it.  Which is fine, however in my case I'm
> using a virtual server.  So I only had a 256mb portion of the 4gbs
> Java thought it had to play with.
> Anyways I blogged about it.  If anyone cares.
> http://jaywhy.wordpress.com/2007/03/05/pdf-templates-via-rails/

Still long-running process or process that eat a lot of resources from
your web application is wise, injecting them into the whole web
serving experience is a pain to debug.

Good to knwo you solved this.

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