[Mongrel] Multiple apps on the same server, all should be able to survive slashdotting

Alexey Verkhovsky alexey.verkhovsky at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 14:36:31 EST 2007

On 3/4/07, Kirk Haines <wyhaines at gmail.com> wrote:
> Do you have a sense for how many requests/second capacity represents a
> rate that can survive slashdotting?

"Survive slashdotting" is just a phrase. The target is ~100 requests/sec for
dynamic page rendering,

I have developed a clustering proxy from scratch (the first fledgling
> release of it should be today) that is in a good position for feature
> requests.

If it's free, open source, and done well, I am in a good position to give
you those feature requests. Even lend a hand in implementing them, probably.
Let's continue this conversation off the list.

Having a single load balancer starting and stopping
> processes across a cluster, though, calls for quite a bit of
> complexity.

Yeah. Hopefully, it will prove unnecessary.

A compromise, that would just manage backends on the same
> machine that the proxy is running on, could have potential.

Litespeed and mod_fcgid both do this fairly well. But proxy to Mongrels
seems wiser, because Mongrel is a de-facto standard development environment.
Little extra CPU time for avoiding deployment pains is always a good deal.

Best regards,
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