[Mongrel] FreeBSD 6.1 mongrel_cluster and procfs message

Jamie Orchard-Hays jamie at dangosaur.us
Sun Mar 4 12:47:38 EST 2007

Patrick, I assume you mean the gem file on the remote server. This  
didn't change the error I get, or cause restart to work.


On Mar 4, 2007, at 11:36 AM, Patrick Berry wrote:

> It is a ps command problem.  I ran into the same issue when testing
> locally on OS X.  Options are to wait for another *pre-release* of
> mongrel_cluster or making the following mod to line 164 of init.rb in
> the check_process method:
> old:   ps_output = `ps -o args= -p #{pid}`
> new: ps_output = `ps -o command= -p #{pid}`
> Pat

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