[Mongrel] FreeBSD 6.1 mongrel_cluster and procfs message

Jonathan Weiss jw at innerewut.de
Sun Mar 4 04:17:22 EST 2007

Jamie Orchard-Hays wrote:
> I'm running the latest mongrel (1.0.1) and the latest mongrel_cluster  
> ( on FreeBSD 6.1.
> When I use capistrano to try to stop or restart my cluster I get this  
> (partial) output:
> ps: Process environment requires procfs(5)
> And my Mongrel processes haven't stopped.
> Any ideas?

The message means that you need the procfs virtual filesystem mounted. 
Normally you do not need this under FreeBSD.

I use Mongrel 1.0.1 + mongrel_cluster (0.2.1) on FreeBSD 6.2 without any 
glitches, so maybe mongrel_cluster introduces some 
Linux-specific ps syntax that requires procfs.

I will try to upgrade my mongrel_cluster version and see if I get the 
same message.

> Thanks,
> Jamie


Jonathan Weiss

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