[Mongrel] RE : Re: Deployement options

tom wang tomawng at yahoo.fr
Thu Mar 1 18:45:15 EST 2007

Thanks a lot everybody for the answer,  I'm going to
use nginx together with a pack of mongrels....
I hadn't thought there was so much difference between
the different web framework on ruby (ie. why isn't
rails threadsafe? ) but since I'm going to go with
rails, I'll have to have more mongrels process if I
understand correctly....

A bit offtopic, what do you people think of grids like
applogic (http://www.3tera.com/applogic.html,
http://www.thegridlayer.com/index.php), is it a good
solution to scale the system has more and more
requests are being made? Has anybody ever tried using

Another question I had is what do you think of using
gentoo for the server, I have a lot of experience in
using it as my primary desktop operating system
(before I switched to mac) but I wonder if it's a good
idea on a server.... The tendency to have problems
when a gentoo installation had not been updated for a
long time and you suddenly update worries me.

Again, thanks 
and thanks Zed for developing mongrel

--- Craig Kuhns <craigkuhns at gmail.com> a écrit :

> I would definitely check out using nginx.  I have
> set it up a number
> of times for production sites using rails and nginx
> and mongrel and it
> has performed incredibly well.  If you want a good
> walkthrough
> installing and configuring it with rails and several
> mongrels check
> out Kyle Kochis's blog - kyledev.blogspot.com.
> Craig Kuhns
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