[Mongrel] mongrel_cluster

Matte Edens matte at ruckuswireless.com
Thu Mar 1 14:47:14 EST 2007

I'll +1 for what Patrick Berry said.  do a "gem cleanup mongrel_cluster" 
(sudo if you need to) and that should fix it.  I had the same problem 
and that fixed it.


John Swift wrote:
> Hello,
> Apologize if this is a annoying faq but folks here are trying to get a 
> cluster going and something odd is happening. When 'mongrel_rails 
> cluster::start' is run, the following error is getting returned:
> ERROR RUNNING 'cluster::start': Plugin /cluster::start does not exist in 
> category /commands
> Is this the result of a simple path issue or perhaps a broken mongrel 
> install? Curious if anyone has seen this before or has any idea what 
> might be the cause.
> TIA,
> js
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