[Mongrel] "mongrel-users at rubyforge.org": E-Mail usage:

Boril Boyanov borko.boyanov at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 00:06:36 EST 2007

Dear Mongrel users,
Usage of the E-Mail is for some PRIVATE communication.
There are other accesses in class definitions:

class Users
  my_gal, my_best_buddy, me
evey dude in the world (can get... what? eliminatted puhleeeeze, riiiiite,
think damnit)

...aaaaand some very secure phorums and forums could be used... right?
riiiite :)

So... i suggest using that, and remember, Please Update Mongrel and keep it
Other suggestions:
We are very pleased we can use Ruby lang now :) :) *kisses* to the Lang!
We are very pleased we can use Ruby Jewel  now :) :) kisses to all

we are very plesaed to announce that soon the work on BHDZ->variant:
Diamandos will start.
YOU checked the access to it? no? ok. :)
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