[Mongrel] mongrel tuning with httperf - suspicious results

Mike Roeder mcroeder at gmail.com
Fri Jun 29 13:37:03 EDT 2007

Thanks Alex -

I must have missed the num-calls value on my initial reading of the man page
for httperf. I suppose my real question is more along the lines of the fact
that I suspected the Request Rate to be significantly higher than
1.7requests per second, especially in light of request rate for a page
only by apache (closer to 3000 requests per second). Per the tuning
document, if my mongrel-served requests per second are HORRIBLY slower than
the apache numbers, there's tuning to be done. If anyone has a thought on
where this tuning might occur, I'd love to hear it. Thanks for your help.

> Anecdotally, the site 'feels' snappy, but testing it with httperf reveals
what appears to
> be terrible throughput.

What's surprising? 700 msec response time would feel snappy, it's
sub-second, after all. Of course, it's too long if you are looking for
> 10 req/sec throughput.

As an aside, you should use bigger num-calls value, opening 20
simultaneous connections and issuing one call on each doesn't usually
tell you much.

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