[Mongrel] Q on cgi_multipart_eol_fix preqequisite for Mongrel on Win2K

Evan Weaver evan at cloudbur.st
Thu Jun 28 14:59:58 EDT 2007

Yeah; I've been waiting for you to drop it since 1.8.6 was released.
I'll update the copyright.


On 6/28/07, Zed A. Shaw <zedshaw at zedshaw.com> wrote:
> On Wed, 27 Jun 2007 21:52:32 -0400
> "Evan Weaver" <evan at cloudbur.st> wrote:
> > Na I just kind of put it up there, as a regular installable gem, since
> > you hadn't.... didn't think you were shutting me out or anything. But
> > thanks.
> Thanks man.  I don't remember you ever telling me you were doing this but, whatever.  I'm sure you've got a reason for maintaining it.
> So, looking at the gem you've got the copyright wrong:
> Copyright 2006, 2007 Cloudburst, LLC. Portions copyright 2006 Zed A. Shaw,
> Yukihiro Matsumoto and used with permission. Licensed under the AFL 3.0.
> It wasn't copyright me, it was actually written by Jeremy Kemper and/or Jamis Buck.  I believe Jeremy wrote the fix and Jamis packaged it then fed it to me on the down-low so I could roll it out.
> Also, double check the original gem because I believe it's actually MIT or Ruby licensed, not AFL.
> Utimately though, this has got to go.  I'm gonna ask around to see if this can be dropped and then I'll do a new release of Mongrel making it not required.  This really shouldn't be my or your problem at all.  Ruby guys should do proper security fixes in a timely manner so that all Ruby users do an upgrade instead of leaving it to us to put in weird back patching crap.
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