[Mongrel] "Broken Pipe" FAQ solution a bust

Scott Treppa streppa at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 16:25:09 EDT 2007

A bit about my environment.

Fedora Core 6
httpd 2.2.2
ruby (compiled) 1.8.5
gem 0.9.4
rails 1.2.3
ruby/mysql C library 0.2.6
mysql 5.0.27
interactive_timeout = 28800
wait_timeout = 28800
mongrel 1.0.1

I've had this experience in other environments with different versions
but this configuration is the most recent attempt I've made. I get the
"Broken Pipe" error after several hours (28800 minutes most likely) of
inactivity. I've added "ActiveRecord::Base.verification_timeout =
14400" to the end of my 'config/environment.rb' file to no avail. I've
also attempted to set the timeout to a lower value, also to no avail.
I've switched between Development and Production with no change. I'm
not sure where to proceed. I can't imagine my configuration is so far
off the wall that no else has encountered this. Any advice would be
greatly appreciated!


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