[Mongrel] mongrel on windows, cpu affinity

Ralf Vitasek neongrau at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 07:16:08 EDT 2007

hello list!

on the websites win32 howto it says
> CPU Affinity
> Mongrel's win32 support actually is able to set the CPU affinity of a running Mongrel service.  This is pretty neat since it means if you're running a  fancy SMP machine or a dual core that pretends to be SMP, then you can force Mongrel onto one of them and get a nice little boost.
> It's pretty easy to use, just pass the -u or—cpu option to the install command and give a CPU of 1-X.  That means if you have 4 CPUs and you want  Mongrel on #4 then do:$ mongrel_rails service::install -N myapp \
>     -c c:\my\path\to\myapp -p 4000 -e production -u 4
> Pretty much the same command, just one more option and you're done.
but when i try to use the - or --cpu switch i get

invalid option: -u for command 'service::install'
Try service::install -h to get help.

and "mongrel_rails service::install -h" doesnt even list that option?!?

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