[Mongrel] GemPlugin or Mongrel::HttpHandler subclass

Matt Zukowski mzukowski at urbacon.net
Wed Jul 25 17:19:07 EDT 2007

Camping basically gives you a clean and simple MVC 
(Model-View-Controller) platform. Same as Rails, but a lot more 
light-weight and, in my opinion, better suited for faceless daemons like 
the one you're writing. In terms of the niceties you get with Camping -- 
for one, you can easily map your URLs to specific methods. So an HTTP 
POST to URL "/foo?id=9" can be mapped to method "post(id)" in module 
"Foo". There's also a nice view component that lets you render templates 
using Markaby -- ruby markup that generates XML..... but this is all 
probably beyond the scope of this newsgroup. Have a look at 

Tim Perrett wrote:
> Ahh good stuff - cheers for the tip about camping!
> I took a brief look at the cas server, and you guys have implemented  
> with mongrel (and others) by subclassing from what I can see? What is  
> it that camping does for you by the way (in the context of cas- 
> server)? (apologies for the stupid question but ive never used  
> camping or heard of it lol)
> Cheers all
> Tim
> On 24 Jul 2007, at 16:39, Matt Zukowski wrote:
>> I'd strongly recommend using Camping over Rails. We wrote a similar
>> application (RubyCAS-Server -- the CAS protocol uses conversational
>> HTTP), and Camping was definitely the way to go. The main problem with
>> Rails is that it's not asynchronous. Rails can't talk and listen at  
>> the
>> same time, at least not within the same transaction. You might be able
>> to get around this, but you'll probably find yourself doing all  
>> kinds of
>> gymnastics. Camping doesn't have this problem. It's much better suited
>> for these kinds of faceless apps anyway, since it's not weighed  
>> down by
>> all the UI niceties you get with Rails.
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