[Mongrel] GemPlugin or Mongrel::HttpHandler subclass

Tim Perrett hello at timperrett.com
Tue Jul 24 09:53:52 EDT 2007

Hey all

I am working with a technology standard (specific to the commercial  
print industry) by which each element within the workflow has bi- 
directional HTTP messaging. As each side needs a http server, I  
thought I could either:

a) use a gem plugin to modify the behavior of mongrel
b) subclass Mongrel::HttpHandler

In short, its xml messaging between two points; each with a HTTP  
client and HTTP server, a sort of xml conversation. I was thinking  
that I could leverage mongrel to do this...? I have no idea which  
method would work best (I am thinking the subclass route?) but I was  
thinking I could set up some kind of system to parse/handle (most  
likely with libxml-ruby) the incoming xml requests then serve back  
the correct response?

Any suggestions / comments are welcomed as I am quite in the dark  
with this one



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