[Mongrel] Strange 500 error

tom at ipublish.no tom at ipublish.no
Fri Jul 20 10:38:47 EDT 2007

For some strange reason I all of a sudden just get the Status: 500 Internal
Server Error Content-Type: text/html on some of the pages of my
I can't seem to find anything in the production log for rails, the mongrel
log nor the apache log. The only thing that seems to show up everytime this
happens is this:

in `run'`run'ment.rb:117:in `process'sion_management_support'

which makes me wonder where do I start to look to figure out what causes
Has anyonw seen or heard anything similar to this?? 

My system runs: 

Rails 1.1.6
MySql 4.0.24
Mongrel 1.0.1
Fastthread 1.0
Apache 2.2
Ruby 1.8.4

on a debian server. 

Best regards,


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