[Mongrel] Very basic question about REXML

Pawan Gupta pawan1gupta at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 14 12:17:55 EDT 2007

Hello Everybody, 
  I have pretty basic question abut REXML.  I want to put the String "John doe" in titles array, if attribute name is equal to "93".  Please see the code below. I could not find how to do it.. any help would be very appriciated. 

Here is the XML i am trying to parse 
<entrydata columnnumber="2" name="93">
      <text>John doe</text> 
 <entrydata columnnumber="1" name="86">

Code in controll
doc.elements.each('viewentries/viewentry/entrydata') do |ele|
    if ele.attributes["name"] = "93"
      titles <<  // here I like to put <text> value in titles array. 

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