[Mongrel] Capistrano mongrel recipes and /usr/local/bin

Nicolas St-Laurent nstlaurent at wantedtech.com
Fri Jul 13 14:19:39 EDT 2007

Le 07-07-10 à 14:52, Jonathan Tron a écrit :

> One solution is to set PermitUserEnvironment to "yes" in sshd_config
> and use ~/.ssh/environment file to set a path containing your
> mongrel_rails command (in your deployment user home). But be aware
> there are some security risks setting this variable to "yes".
> Hopes this help.

Thanks a lot. It solve my problem. I can live with the security  
issue. And Capistrano 2.0 allow environment variables. But for now, I  
kept version 1.4x. 

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