[Mongrel] Capistrano mongrel recipes and /usr/local/bin

Nicolas St-Laurent nstlaurent at wantedtech.com
Mon Jul 9 15:18:16 EDT 2007

Le 07-07-09 à 13:42, Wayne E. Seguin a écrit :

> On Jul 09, 2007, at 12:06 , Nicolas St-Laurent wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm trying to deploy my application with Capistrano using Mongrel
>> recipes. Since I've installed Ruby from source code, mongrel scripts
>> are found in /usr/local/bin. But the recipes can't find
>> mongrel_rails : "bash: mongrel_rails: command not found". The path of
>> the user account used to deploy is OK. For sure, I can redefine
>> start_mongrel_cluster/restart_mongrel_cluster/stop_mongrel_cluster
>> tasks in the recipes to add path before calling mongrel_rails.
>> Any idea of a better solution ?
> I install Ruby from source on all my machines so I'm not sure where  
> that comes in.
> mongrel_rails command is installed with the mongrel gem (gem  
> install mongrel).
> Then just make sure that mongrel_rails is in the path of the user  
> account you're deploying to, you could also add /usr/local/bin to  
> the users path. ( PATH=/usr/local/bin:... )
> --
> Wayne E. Seguin
> Sr. Systems Architect & Systems Admin
> wayneseguin at gmail.com
Thanks for your feedback.

Well, /usr/local/bin is already in user's path. But since PATH is  
define in /etc/profile, it ain't define when a subshell is started,  
hence a run "echo $PATH" gives the default path :


I certainly miss something, but I doesn't know what. I'm on SuSE  
Entreprise 64bits, but I've got the same issue on Mac OS X, Ubuntu or  

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