[Mongrel] GET request works via curl, crashes from Java

Olle Jonsson olle at olleolleolle.dk
Wed Jan 31 03:23:53 EST 2007

> Although, in your case, I would recommend firing up some sort of HTTP
> traffic sniffer.  It'll give you way more information.

Yes, sniff that traffic!

When debugging some Rails XML-RPC problems I had (had some junk with  
the same names installed in my site_ruby, so the problem was only at  
my end), I set up a tunnel, which worked great. You see all the  
headers, and the bodies of the requests and responses on your screen,  
just like with the other tools.

TcpTunnelGui [1] for proxying data to and from webservices, an  
application that is bundled with Apache's SOAP package.

The soap.jar is in the lib folder.

Fire up the TcpTunnelGui by running:

java -cp soap.jar org.apache.soap.util.net.TcpTunnelGui 3001 8081

(3001 is the local port, and 8081 is the remote port, and is your remote IP.)

[1]: http://ws.apache.org/soap/

best regards,
    Olle Jonsson

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