[Mongrel] [ANN] mongrel_cluster 0.2.2 prerelease

Jason Young jason.young at eXtension.org
Fri Jan 26 13:39:20 EST 2007

On Jan 26, 2007, at 12:10 AM, Bradley Taylor wrote:

> Hey y'all:
> I've added some new stuff to mongrel_cluster. Give it try and let me
> know if it works for you.
> * Added '--clean' to cluster::start to force removal of the pidfile
> before trying to start the cluster member. This is useful for  
> recovering
> from unexpected process death.

Oh this is absolutely fantastic.  It actually turns out to be exactly  
what I needed today.  We can't go 24 hours without ferret segfaulting  
mongrel on the most completely random searches ever - and the change  
to mongrel 1.0.1 from seems to leave the pids laying around  

The --clean seems to be working great in my monit-initiated restarts  
(in production mind you :-) ) and now I can happily ignore trying to  
find the segfault needle in the ferret haystack again(*)

Thanks Bradley!

(* yes I know it's completely lazy to ignore this.   But a) laziness  
is a require virtue of systems management and b) trying to find a  
random segfault in thousands of lines of C code is no longer fun to  
me ;-) )
Jason Young --  Systems Manager, eXtension

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