[Mongrel] Most reliable setup for mongrel

snacktime snacktime at gmail.com
Fri Jan 26 01:24:15 EST 2007

I'm looking for the most reliable setup for Mongrel.  Reliable meaning
avoiding things like sending too many requests to a single mongrel
process, or sending requests to a mongrel process that has hung for
some reason.  The handler will most likely be rails, but it might be a
custom handler.  SSL is also a requirement, which limits the options a
bit but it can't be done away with.

I spent some time looking at using the proxy balancer in apache, and
it appears that the balancer can pile up requests on mongrel because
there is no way to tell apache to not send more than one request at a
time to any single balance member.  I'm also not sure how well things
are handled if a mongrel process hangs in some way.  Not that it would
of course:)



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