[Mongrel] Mongrel::Uploads.check() not returning status

Bill Siggelkow bsiggelkow at mac.com
Fri Jan 19 12:05:08 EST 2007

I am trying to get the mongrel upload progress working and am having  
some problems. I am using Rails 1.1.6 and the latest install of  
mongrel. I created the config/mongrel_upload_progress.conf per the  
instructions ... it looks like this ...

uri "/",
   :handler => plugin("/handlers/upload", :path_info => '/listings/ 
   :frequency => 1,
   :in_front => true

Then I start mongrel like this ...

mongrel_rails start -d -p 3000 -S config/mongrel_upload_progress.conf

In my controller's progress method I call ...

       @status = Mongrel::Uploads.check(params[:upload_id])

However, @status is always nil. Any ideas?  The upload_id is properly  
being sent.

The file does upload; but the progress bar just goes from 0% to 100%  
once the upload is finished.


Bill Siggelkow
AIM: siggelkowb

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